Moses is a prefiguration of Christ and the greatest figure mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures.

In all respects,moses and christianity Moses towers above all other people who are mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures. He liberated the people of Israel from their life as slaves in Egypt. He led them under difficult circumstances for forty years through the desert. He also turned them into a well-organized society with a strong army which, after his death, would be able to conquer Canaan.

He wrote six Bible books. Among them are the first five books which are collectively called the books of Moses or the Pentateuch

He also acted as mediator between the people of Israel and JHWH when they concluded the law covenant.

All the Bible books that were written after Moses’ Pentateuch refer to Moses all the time. In all the Bible books that were written by other people, he remains the central figure. Throughout the Scriptures, the law of the people of Israel is called the Law of Moses.
For people who live in the 21st century who interpret the Hebrew Scriptures with their knowledge of the Greek Scriptures, it is obvious that Moses was a prefiguration of Jesus Christ.

As regards their attitude to life and their life-history, Moses and Jesus Christ have a lot in common:

  • Both escaped from death in their early youth.
  • Both were, by nature, very modest, and gentle.
  • Both spent their youth in the country that was the first world-power of Biblical history: Egypt. Both were called away from Egypt by JHWH.
  • Both spent a long time in the desert just before they began to carry out God’s great assignment.
  • Both realized that their only mission in life was to carry out God’s will.
  • JHWH helped them both to carry out their great mission in life by enabling them to work great miracles.
  • Both acted as mediators in concluding a covenant. Moses was the mediator between JHWH and the people of Israel when the law covenant was concluded. Jesus Christ was the mediator between JHWH and all the people of good will when the new covenant was concluded.
  • Both in the case of Moses and of Jesus Christ, JHWH saw to it that after their death, their mortal remains would not be buried by people but by Him.

In short, anyone who knows the Greek Scriptures cannot help but conclude: Moses is the Jesus Christ of the Hebrew Scriptures. In his whole personality and his whole way of life, Moses prefigured Jesus Christ.

It is clear that Moses was aware of this. In the Bible-text mentioned above, he pointed out to the nation that in the distant future, a prophet would rise from among the people who would be just as he was, but much greater.

Moses must have viewed the coming of such a great prophet in the context of the promise that JHWH had made to Adam, Eve, and Satan in paradise: I will see to it that mankind will produce a seed (a descendant), who will crush the head of the snake (Satan). He must also have viewed the coming of such a great prophet in the context of the promise that JHWH had made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: through your offspring all mankind will be blessed.

Moses knew that he had formed the people of Israel into a close community and that he had led them to their definitive country. He also knew that these people would produce the ultimate prophet, greater than himself, who would fulfill God’s great promises to mankind.


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