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In all respects, Moses towers above all other people who are mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures. He liberated the people of Israel from their life as slaves in Egypt. He led them under difficult circumstances for forty years through the desert. He also turned them into a well-organized society with a strong army which, after […]

In later centuries, the town of Babel was called Babylon, while the whole area between the Euphrates and the Tigris was called Babylonia. You come across the names Babel, Babylon, Babylon the Great, and Babylonia everywhere in the Bible. Whenever these names are not used for the concrete town or nation, they always refer to […]

The story of the Creation Science teaches us that the earth has existed for thousands of millions of years. The Bible does not contradict this. The well-known Biblical story of the creation which tells us that God created our world in six days does not start with the creation of the universe. It begins at […]

Now that our Christmas holiday is near, many Christians feel the need to visit the town where Jesus was born-Bethlehem. The city resides about 9 kilometers south of Jerusalem and serves as an important connection for Christianity as the birthplace of our Savior Jesus Christ. It is the town where God came down in the […]

Jerusalem is an ancient city saturated in religious custom and holy places. It has witnessed the world through the annuls of time and has experienced more tears of devastation and joy than any other city in history. It has been created and destroyed more time than can be counted and still to this day thrives […]

The two most significant historical events for Christians are the crucifixion of Jesus and His resurrection from the dead. Through Jesus’ death on the cross, the redemption was made possible since the penalty for man’s sin was paid with the sacrifice of the perfect Lamb of God. Through Jesus’ resurrection, the victory over death was […]

Each of the four Gospels records the account of Peter denying Jesus Christ three times before the rooster crowed. Having been arrested, Jesus was taken to face His trials that were staged for Him to be tried, convicted, and sentenced to death by crucifixion. Peter followed at a safe distance to see what would happen […]

The Transfiguration refers to an event recorded in Matthew 17:1-9, Mark 9:2-8, and Luke 9:28-36 when Jesus took Peter, James, and John up a mountain to view a remarkable moment when the glory of Jesus was revealed. After ascending the high mountain, Jesus was “transfigured” (Greek: metamorphosed) or changed in their very presence. Jesus was described […]

Nazareth is the cradle of Christianity,  according to the new testament Jesus spent there both growing up and during His ministry years. Very little is recorded in Scripture between Jesus’ birth and when He comes on the ministry scene and is baptized by the John the Baptist. Apart from His teaching in the temple at Jerusalem and […]