Lily of the Valleys Anointing Oil – Unique Formula

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Delicate anointing oil from the City of God. This anointing oil was made in the Holy Land, Israel; using nothing but natural Jerusalem and Galilee Olive Oil and beautifully scented with flowers and herbs as mentioned in the bible.

It is said in a Christian teaching, that during Jesus’s crucifixion, Mary’s tears turned into Lily of the Valleys which is why this anointing oil is also known as Mary’s tears. At the same time, the Lily of the Valleys anointing oil is also considered a sign of Christ’s second coming.

The main use or purpose of this Holy Anointing oil was to cause the anointed person to become holier (Ha’Kodesh).

Lily of the Valleys Anointing Oil from the City of God – ” The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord anointed me. -Isaiah 61:1


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