Tallit – Prayer Shawl


High quality, traditional, Jerusalem Tallit prayer shawl with magnificent new “”Techelet””, light blue/pink/Blue with Gold and silver Decorations.

A beautiful atarah (neckband) with the Hebrew blessing “”Blessed art Thou, LORD our GOD, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with his commandments and commanded us to wrap ourselves in the tzitzit””Our Tallit is certified kosher under Orthodox Jewish authorities supervising, made in the Holy Land. comes with matching bag.

“Speak unto the children of Israel, and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations, and that they put upon the fringe of the borders a ribband of blue.”
This elegant prayer shawls can serve as the perfect gift for bar mitzvahs, holidays, weddings, housewarming and more.